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Moving & Combining

I’m moving to a new digital space, and combining personal and professional online personae. Join me at Adventures in Research, my new blog. Hopefully it will be more in the future. In the meantime, Zaynawoman’s Blog is going dark. I don’t yet know if the content will be migrated over or if that will wait for the larger site. We’ll see how it plays out. If you’re interested in following my forays back into digital history, join me!

Thanks for reading!

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Comment – style and intrasectionality

I commented on Laura’s post this week, and I am still ruminating on intrasectionality among historians and crossing intradisciplinary lines.

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Once More, with Feeling

Ok, one more attempt at getting this up.  Here’s a PDF of the presentation, with formatting intact.

HA.  Take THAT, PowerPoint!  I WIN.

Website Presentation PDF

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Updated Revised Mockups

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve made some changes based on your feedback.  I’ve added in a place to click for 3D objects only, and also added an option to search that allows selection of 3D rendering only.  I’ve also fiddled with fonts and colors and such.  This is only the 1st 2 slides, just to get a feel for the different fonts.  Let me know what you think, if I should go with the new scheme or not.  More feedback, more better!

Revised Mockups 3D Addition PPT97


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Revised Mockups

I’ve added some secondary pages to the mockups, showing a hypothetical search using the pulldown menus.  Please review and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for me.  (And if you can tell me before Tuesday’s presentation, I’d really appreciate it!)  And, yes, it’s in PowerPoint 97-2003!

Revised Mockups PPT97


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Mockups Part Deux

Here’s the PPT 97 version of the mockups.

Website Mockup Digital Collection PPT97


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Here are the mockups.  They’re extremely rough, so please imagine your way through the slideshow with me and let me know what you think.  Now, remember, the site will have to look like it belongs with the rest of the NGEF website.  I have been unable to match the look of that website, so I used a similar color scheme and got as close as I could.  Yes, it’s ugly.

A User clicks on “National Guard Memorial Museum Digital Collection” link from the main site.  User arrives at the first slide, which is the “Browse the Collection” page.  User selects “Search”, which takes him/her to slide 2.  User can search by Category, Time Period, or both.  The categories for the pulldown menus are on slides 3 and 4.

A few notes: I prefer the pulldown menu because it allows me to control the terminology and limit the amount of work on the back end.  Also, only a small percentage of items will be rendered in three dimensions.  Most of the uniforms can be photographed from all angles with a digital camera in extremely high resolution that will allow for close inspection.  However, most of the weaponry will be rendered in three dimensions.  This is a mockup of the initial few pages, designed for the more casual visitor.  I’m still working on the next step, which will be designed for a researcher.

Please review and tell me what you think!  And tell me if there are any problems accessing the presentation.  It’s in PPT 2007.

Website Mockup Digital Collection


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