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Drumroll Please!

New Home Page – the reboot

Rockwell’s Rosie Redeemed – the paper

The final project is finally done! I put in a “For Further Reading” page, I added wayfinding, I have the titles of the pages on my previous and next links (shamelessly stolen from others), I fiddled with spacing, proximity, repetition, and I accepted that the logo just didn’t work on the paper. But it works on the first page. I elected not to include the embedded fonts on the paper. The fonts don’t look as good smaller, and getting them big enough to have good impact meant they overtook the whole page. Rather than risk it being too noisy, I’m letting continuity of design connect pages together. I also reworked the footer – I have copyright, contact info (and an email address! whodathunk?) and my license information on ALL pages now. And an alert to email me for the full text on the last page. I’m wondering if it should be on all pages…any thoughts?

This class has been the most intense I’ve ever had – and I was a history major in organic chemistry back in the day. I got through, and I suppose, given my complete lack of ability coming into it, that’s the best I can ask for. But the site is done and up, and no matter what anyone says, I am quite proud of it. From hamsters and little green men running the internet to building a respectable site in 14 weeks – not too shabby.

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Just Keep Truckin’

OK. DreamWeaver and I have made up, at least enough to get the final project completed and up. Oh, and the actual paper: Rockwell’s Rosie Redeemed. I look forward to suggestions you all might have tomorrow. I’m pleased with the look, the content is sharp and concise, my stupid freaking footnotes work, and I have working navigation. And – I think most importantly – for the first time, I felt confident enough in my coding abilities to work from one master style sheet rather than a separate one. I have empty divs on some pages but that’s OK.

I’ve had different songs in my head throughout the semester, and tonight, after far too many hours of confusion, clarity, frustration, angst, triumph and satisfaction, I can say tonight’s Grateful Dead song is quite appropriate.

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

And – Just keep truckin’.


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Where’s My Towel?

So. I have gotten the preliminary Final Project up. There’s a first page where I overview the whole shebang, and then I link to yet another revision of Rockwell’s Rosie. While I am thankfully not completely sick of this paper yet, I am, in fact, completely sick of DreamWeaver. For some reason, it crashed 3 times in a half an hour. And then my FTP decided not to refresh, despite the repeated use of cache-clearing. However – all things considered, 3 pages of a proposed 7 or 8 is not bad, especially since the remaining work will be fairly straightforward, although time consuming. So. Here it is: my preliminary final project and Rockwell’s Rosie Redeemed.

I leave you with the mantra that has gotten me through this wonderfully exciting, interesting, and gut-wrenching day: Don’t panic, and make sure you have your towel.


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Mystery Dodged, Not Solved

I found it. Kinda. My logo, that is. My original plan was to have the vertical strip of my logo down the left of the screen like my about and updated image assignment, while i worked on building a header with the logo and nav included to go at the top of the page, rather than at the bottom. So. Because of the mysteriously disappearing logo, I moved straight to the new header. Which you can see here. And while there’s still some clean up to do, I rather like this.


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The Mystery of the Disappearing Logo

The Design Assignment, Rockwell’s Rosie Redux, is DONE. To a point. More accurately, I am done. I redid the text assignment and applied the advice I got when it was critiqued. I moved the image higher on the page, so it’s now part of the header, and it hangs down through the subhead and into the container. I found new fonts that really give a 1940’s feeling without screaming MILITARY!!! and WAR!!! I went for a much bigger font size, and a little bit of text decoration on the first letters to give it a little pop. I stuck with my vermilion, using it as a border, and also as my visited link color. My pretty navy, pulled from the painting, is the color of the pullquote and the unclicked links. I spent 2 hours wrestling with my nemesis, the proper alignment of footnote numbers. I got that squared away – I’m not happy with the sizing but since everything is on the same line, I’ll live. There’s even a link back to the portfolio page, and I added a link back on my about page. And my father told me to put my name on my about page, so I sucked it up and did it. (Because, yes, I do still listen to my daddy.)  I didn’t adjust the header on the portfolio site. I KNOW High Heels is way too far away from & Howitzers (but thank you to everyone who mentioned it, I know you’re looking out for me, but there’s a method to the madness). I did that because I had a plan to put screened out images of the shoe and gun that became the logo, but it’s too much, too busy, too bright, and I fought with it for weeks. Since I have now started a NEW portfolio page, following the new design for the final project, I haven’t changed the home page all that much. But yes, I am aware it’s a problem. It will NOT be a problem on the final project.

But. But but but but but. My wonderful logo, that I managed after several weeks of wrestling with PhotoShop, my ideas for the future project, and that neatly conveys my site without being too busy or colorful and therefore detracting from the rest of my site (meaning it’s not too noisy) – that wonderful logo for some reason simply will not appear on my design assignment. It’s on my about page, on my fixed up image assignment, even on my busted-as-hell portfolio page. The code is precisely the same – but there’s a cascade problem somewhere. When I found myself yelling at the code “Why aren’t you working????”, I figured that was the point to call it a day. Or a week, as it were.

Anyway – it’s done and up.

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Small Victories

I’ve been playing with my image assignment and about page in an attempt to actually understand what I’m doing, instead of fumbling around in the dark. I wanted to actually have images of high heels and howitzers on the site. I found awesome pictures of a shoe and a howitzer that were oriented so that the shoe would run on the left and the gun on the right, and both would point into the site. (Cool, huh?) I also really really really really really want to have a clickable image for “go home” that is a red ruby shoe. Because there’s no place like home. Since that wish is evidence that I have clearly gone round the bend, I spent Saturday working my mad magnetic lasso skillz to take the image of the red high heeled shoe and the howitzer and turn them into silhouettes. I put them on the same background and made myself a logo!

I played with the image assignment and about pages this weekend because they have the simplest CSS, having been hand coded (about page) or seriously modified from the original template (image assignment). I now have a vermilion border offsetting the headers and my logo running down the left side of each page.Next is to fix the background of my logo. It’s white. The background of my site is that lovely silvery gray, #F5F5F5. (Yes, I memorized the hex number.) I would like the logo to blend right in with the rest of the page. Erin suggested I redo the silhouette with an original background of #F5F5F5 – which I haven’t tried yet. Hopefully that works.

I want my whole site to have a cohesive design…I’m conflicted about the text assignment page. I think what’s happening there is that I worked SO HARD on it, and I was really pleased with the final project, despite the obvious issues, and I am really loath to change it. It’s not that I fell in love with my own work, it’s more that I am Bound and Determined that my hours will have been wisely spent, and changing the design seems to throw all of that out the window. I need to get over that.


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I DID IT!! I fixed my Image Assignment! And it was such a tiny little thing – I built a container around the whole thing and put a fixed width large enough to accommodate all the images, with enough room for my nifty staggering to look right. I also fixed the weird type at the bottom of the page. It appears my “h” key is getting fussy, and my closing tag read </2>, not </h2>. I thought it was PEBCAK until I was writing an email and wondering why THE kept appearing as TE. But not all the time. So while I celebrate my nifty (and FIXED) page, I will also offer sacrifices to and entreat my 14 month old laptop: Please, please, please, please, PLEASE don’t die in the next 5 weeks! Just get me to Memorial Day!


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