Revised Type Assignment

01 Mar

I made some of the changes we discussed in class last week.  I haven’t dealt with the block quote yet, since I’ll be editing the content over the next few days and that quote might just go away.  On the up side, I did figure out that dang hard return on the home page.  Still haven’t figured out the issues with the footnotes.  Rather than producing something still half-assed, I took a step away from the actual content and just played with colors.  I have two different style sheets now, one for the portfolio site and the other for Rockwell’s Rosie.  They use the same color schemes and fonts to maintain continuity.  I’m not a fan of the blue on Rockwell’s Rosie, but the gray behind everything looked washed out, and the red is too much for a background color.  I’m still considering and still jiggering the site.  I want to have more connection between the portfolio and the satellite pages, but that begs the question: How much is overkill?

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Posted by on March 1, 2011 in Project


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