Alone in the Forest

22 Feb

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I really want this site to be.   I just didn’t have the mental space to consider bigger questions while struggling to get the type assignment done through the haze last week. I have a bunch of text on my standard background, a picture and a quote.  Yay?  What does that really provide?  Alexa’s and Erin’s posts about purposefully considering the digital applications have mirrored a lot of my own thoughts.  Right now I’m fulfilling assignment requirements.  But I need to go further.  As with design, I need to NOT BE A WIMP.

One of the problems I have is that I feel alone in the wilderness academically.  There are military historians, and there are gender historians.  There are people who study women in the military, and we’re on the same listserv.  But who else is out there?  Is there anyone else who applies Judith Butler’s theory of performativity to the debates over uniforms for auxiliaries?  What about Anne Fausto-Sterling’s theories about the constructed nature of sexuality?  Are there any other fans of Susan Bordo who also think tanks are awesome?  I’m SURE there are, but I haven’t found them.  I’m lonely.  But, wait a minute…I have this website.  That’s about gender…and military history…and it will have a blogroll…and there’s some historical work already posted about this…  So how do I turn this little class project site into a home for people like me?  Because THAT would be using digital media to get ideas out and about, and to foster conversation and intellectual development, and to create communities of scholars, and to open up the academy a little.

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Posted by on February 22, 2011 in Class, Project


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