Moving & Combining

I’m moving to a new digital space, and combining personal and professional online personae. Join me at Adventures in Research, my new blog. Hopefully it will be more in the future. In the meantime, Zaynawoman’s Blog is going dark. I don’t yet know if the content will be migrated over or if that will wait for the larger site. We’ll see how it plays out. If you’re interested in following my forays back into digital history, join me!

Thanks for reading!

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Job Well Done

Well, that’s it. The link’s been emailed and the self-eval is done. So how to wrap up the semester on this blog? How else? A song that somehow relates to everything. So. Here’s the song that gave Rosie her name – Rosie the Riveter by the 4 Vagabonds.

And Well Done to all of us.

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Drumroll Please!

New Home Page – the reboot

Rockwell’s Rosie Redeemed – the paper

The final project is finally done! I put in a “For Further Reading” page, I added wayfinding, I have the titles of the pages on my previous and next links (shamelessly stolen from others), I fiddled with spacing, proximity, repetition, and I accepted that the logo just didn’t work on the paper. But it works on the first page. I elected not to include the embedded fonts on the paper. The fonts don’t look as good smaller, and getting them big enough to have good impact meant they overtook the whole page. Rather than risk it being too noisy, I’m letting continuity of design connect pages together. I also reworked the footer – I have copyright, contact info (and an email address! whodathunk?) and my license information on ALL pages now. And an alert to email me for the full text on the last page. I’m wondering if it should be on all pages…any thoughts?

This class has been the most intense I’ve ever had – and I was a history major in organic chemistry back in the day. I got through, and I suppose, given my complete lack of ability coming into it, that’s the best I can ask for. But the site is done and up, and no matter what anyone says, I am quite proud of it. From hamsters and little green men running the internet to building a respectable site in 14 weeks – not too shabby.

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Comments – Final Projects

This week, I’ve commented on Laura’s post. Laura’s maps and Erin’s search terms make me realize just how well-trained Google has us.

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Comments – Defining Insanity

This week I commented on Lisa’s search conundrum and Emily’s final countdown.

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Just Keep Truckin’

OK. DreamWeaver and I have made up, at least enough to get the final project completed and up. Oh, and the actual paper: Rockwell’s Rosie Redeemed. I look forward to suggestions you all might have tomorrow. I’m pleased with the look, the content is sharp and concise, my stupid freaking footnotes work, and I have working navigation. And – I think most importantly – for the first time, I felt confident enough in my coding abilities to work from one master style sheet rather than a separate one. I have empty divs on some pages but that’s OK.

I’ve had different songs in my head throughout the semester, and tonight, after far too many hours of confusion, clarity, frustration, angst, triumph and satisfaction, I can say tonight’s Grateful Dead song is quite appropriate.

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

And – Just keep truckin’.


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Where’s My Towel?

So. I have gotten the preliminary Final Project up. There’s a first page where I overview the whole shebang, and then I link to yet another revision of Rockwell’s Rosie. While I am thankfully not completely sick of this paper yet, I am, in fact, completely sick of DreamWeaver. For some reason, it crashed 3 times in a half an hour. And then my FTP decided not to refresh, despite the repeated use of cache-clearing. However – all things considered, 3 pages of a proposed 7 or 8 is not bad, especially since the remaining work will be fairly straightforward, although time consuming. So. Here it is: my preliminary final project and Rockwell’s Rosie Redeemed.

I leave you with the mantra that has gotten me through this wonderfully exciting, interesting, and gut-wrenching day: Don’t panic, and make sure you have your towel.


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